Funky Needlework Crumb Roll Patchwork Paper


Funky Needlework Crumb Roll Patchwork Paper

The Funky Needlework Crumb Roll Patchwork Paper will revolutionise the way you use your scrap stash. It s eco friendly, scrap saving and simple to use, but extremely clever and creative. This paper roll is the perfect weight for stitching. Whilst it is strong, it is easy to remove when your patterns are formed. Simply cut your Patchwork Paper to the required length, stitch your fabric to the Patchwork Paper in straight or diagonal lines, make a triangle pattern or invent a pattern of your own. Trim the fabric leaving a 1/4 inch round the patchwork paper and join the strips together. Finally remove the paper.


3x Funky Needlework Patchwork Paper Rolls

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If you would like us to provide fabric for use with the Patchwork Paper Rolls please see our listing for the Funky Needlework Crumb Roll Cushion Cover Kit.


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