At Funky Needlework we are not afraid to break rules because there are no rules.

We are a Supportive Clever Quilters Community (Quilt Police are banned)

We follow a philosophy of;
There are no rules.
Your way works.
Try it all and find out what is fun.
Only make what you love.
Combine new foundation knowledge bites with rebellious ideas of what quilting can be.

We believe craft is about enjoyment, fun and creativity. Our tools are simple and delightful. They help you get the results you want over and over again.

Our fabrics are strokable and bright.

If a technique is working for you, great, let’s celebrate it but we might however be able to show you a way that suits you even better.

Our designs are new in an old old craft. There are only so many colours in the world but there is an infinitesimal number of ways to make a pattern.

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